Quake 4 Missing Serial Numbers.

I can't find my serial number for Quake 4.

Some copies of Quake 4 were recently released with the serial number sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap. If you still have access to the shrink wrap, we suggest that you write this serial number down (without the dashes or spaces) and keep it in a safe place, in case you ever need it again. If you have thrown away the shrink wrap, or cannot locate the serial number sticker for some other reason, you will need to call our support line to obtain a new one. In order for us to reissue you a serial number, we will need to do product verification to make sure you own an actual retail copy of the game. The product verification procedure will consist of us asking you to describe 2 or more details on the box, manual, CD case or the CD itelf, so you will need to have these items in front of you when you call.
Our technical support telephone number is:
PH: 512-708-8100
Mon - Fri
10AM - 6PM CST

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