Remote Console Tool for Black Ops

Remote Console and Black Ops Server Creation FAQs


Have you ever wanted to change the rules in Call of Duty: Black Ops? Or have a little more control over what multiplayer game types are available? With Aspyr’s recently launched Remote Console Application, you can now indulge yourself on a veritable feast of Black Ops multiplayer possibilities!


Q: What exactly is this Remote Console thing anyway?

A:  The Remote Console is a stand alone application that lets you easily configure your own Call of Duty: Black Ops dedicated server


Q: Where can I find the Remote Console?

A:  The Remote Console can be downloaded here:

Remote Console Tool(Mac)


Q: Okay, cool.  What can a dedicated server do?

A: With the addition of player hosted servers, things like clan servers, custom map rotations, adjustments of game rules, and many other game customizations are now a reality for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Mac player.


Q: That’s great! How do I set up my own server?

A: To run your own server, you will need to rent a dedicated Call of Duty: Black Ops server from Technically, you do not need the Remote Console Application to have a dedicated server, it just makes configuring your server much easier.


Q: Can I choose the location of my server?

A: Yes!  When ordering your Call of Duty: Black Ops server from, you will be able to select an option for the location of your server. Pick the location that best suits your needs. 


Q: Does this mean I will be an admin and be able to kick people off?

A: Yes! You will have administrative control over your dedicated server. This does mean you will be able to kick and ban other players whom you don’t like, though we suggest a fair and modest rule over your server.


Q: I’ve heard of “Ranked” and “Unranked” servers. What’s the difference?

A: One of the most important decisions you will need to make when ordering your server is if you want a Ranked server or an Unranked server.  Here is a brief rundown of key differences between Ranked and Unranked servers:


Unranked Servers

• Allow for significant configuration options including custom map rotations, modification of game rules (player health, scoring, available kill-streaks), and much, much more

• Do not award players with XP

• Require a monthly subscription fee of $0.99 per player slot (up to 24)


Ranked Servers

• Allow for selection of map rotation, game type, server messaging, and more

• Award players with XP

• Require a monthly subscription fee of $14.95 for a server with 18 player slots


In general, an Unranked server sacrifices XP gain in return for more configuration options. 


Q: That’s a lot to take in! Are there any other good resources for helping me with this?

A: If you are still uncertain about Ranked vs. Unranked servers, we recommend that you check out some of the resources available in the Call of Duty Forum on to get more information on which type of server will best suit your needs.


Do you have any questions about the Remote Console or any ideas on how you want to run your server? Let us know by posting in the comments!


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    If there is anyone out there that needs game server support:

    For Game Servers support 

    In order to create a support ticket, users will have to do the following:


    1-Log into the account page.

    2-Click on the "SUPPORT" button located near the top of the account page

    on the white button bar.

    3-Click on the "CREATE NEW TICKET' button.

    4-Select the options that best fit the issue.


    Once the options are selected and the issue is described a ticket will

    be generated that references the support request.  The GameServers support staff

    will then assist with the problem that was described and reply to the

    ticket when updates are available.


    They are also available via IRC for live chat on the

    network in the #gameservers channel.  It should be noted that support

    requests in the IRC channel will require a ticket number for

    authentication purposes.

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    Its really a great thing .. thanks a lot ...... but

    The say command does not work for me !! Timed messages also not works and message rotationt don`t want too ... always a error message appears server could not be reached or something like that .. and the message does not appear :)(

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    Do you need to have Gamecenter to play multiplayer?


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    i need help  i  can't   play   with  my joystick,   i want  download anything, im using  logitech dual action,  plz  reply me  i cant  play   callof  duty black ops

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