Aspyr games and macOS High Sierra


Apple has released its latest version of macOS, 10.13, which introduces tons of amazing features!  The folks over at have you covered on the differences between 10.13 and Sierra.    

However, as with previous updates, it also brings in a few issues that we’ve seen so far with our game line-up:

Game Title Version Issue Notes
Call of Duty 2 MAS, Steam Graphic corruption on Nvidia chipsets.  
Civilization V MAS, Steam Crashes when creating a game with both Brave New World and Gods & Kings expansion packs enabled. Fix released on 2/1.
Duke Nukem Forever MAS Doesn’t launch on ATI and Intel equipped Macs.  
Layers of Fear Steam  Save data cannot be read or written (crash).  Fix released 11/29.
SWTFU:USE  MAS, Steam  Graphic corruption on Nvidia chipsets. Only on Hoth.
The Sims 2 Super Collection  MAS  Graphic corruption on AMD chipsets.  

Also, Fahrenheit: IPR for iOS has been discontinued due to ioS 11 dropped support of 32-bit apps.  There are no plans to implement an update for it.

As with any brand new operating system release, it can take 3-5 months for updates to roll out, so we appreciate your patience while we work on fixes.

If you’re running into a problem with one of our games on 10.13 that isn’t on the list, please open up a ticket with our support team so we can look into it!

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