"Key Code in use" when trying to join a MP Server (COD4)

When trying to join an Multiplayer game you get an "Error, Key code in use" message.


The 'CD key in use' error message displays when your serial number is still bound to a previously played server. Your router and the server host will bind your key and cause conflicts when trying to join another game.

Be sure that your computer is not behind a software or hardware firewall of any kind. This includes firewalls built into routers or other equipment. Aspyr does not support the use of our games from behind a firewall. If it is not possible to disable the firewall you will need to open the ports for Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty 4 and 2 transmit and receive network traffic on port 28960 (UDP/TCP). The exact details on opening a port is specific to your firewall. For more information check with the firewall documentation or manufacturer.

IF YOU HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY JOINED A MULTIPLAYER GAME SUCCESSFULLY (mostly occurs with the App Store releases of Call of Duty 2 and 4):

Please delete the com.aspyr.callofduty4.plist/com.aspyr.callofduty2.plist file from User/Library/Preferences to reset your cd key. >p>Be advised that if you delete this file, it WILL RESET STATS AND RANKINGS, so we advise that you only do this if you do not mind having these reset.

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