Homeworld 2 (disk) is not launching on 10.7.5 and newer operating systems.

Homeworld 2 is only supported on PowerPC Macs.  However, most of our Intel customers have been successful in playing the game after using the file from:

Download the patch:

Homeworld 2 v1.1.1(Mac) release

This file requires StuffIt Expander in order to open it.  This application used to come standard on Mac OSX before Leopard.  The free version can be found here:  


Once the .sit file is open, there is a replacement icon inside.  Throw out the original that was initially installed in the game folder, then replace it with the one in the .sit folder.  

Be sure that you are launching the game from the icon within the game folder in your Applications folder.  Moving that icon can generate multiple errors.  Rather, right-click (ctrl+click on a single button mouse) the original and select 'Make Alias'.  That alias can be moved to your desktop or dock for easier launching.

If the crashing persists, deselect "Disable mouse acceleration in game".

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