'Civilization III: Complete quit unexpectedly'


UPDATE: Civilization III: Complete for Mac has been discontinued.  It is no longer available for purchase digitally and will no longer be receiving updates. 

Check out our other Civilization games that our available including Civilization VI iOS!

I am unable to play Civilization III: Complete on my MacBook. The icon bounces in the dock and disappears.  A 'Quit unexpectedly' message displays.

This is caused by a conflict with the video chipset found in the MacBook 13" (Intel series chipsets). In order to resolve this issue you will need to run the game in a window.

-Hold down the Apple/CMD key and launch the game
-Keep holding the Apple/CMD key until the Advanced Preferences Window appears
-Select to launch the game in a window
-Click OK

NOTE: Make sure you have all Apple updates, as well as the Intel Universal Binary patch for this game prior to launching.  This patch is not needed if you are using a digital download version.



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