Star Wars®The Force Unleashed™: Known Issues.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed may exhibit crashes in specific scenarios.  In the event of a crash, customers will need to reload from your save game and should be able to progress through the level.  Because of this, it is highly recommended that you save often. 

Please contact Aspyr support for more information or if you continue to experience issues after loading from a save game.


This title does not support play at resolutions (2880x1800).

Here is a list of some of the issue we encountered when attempting to play at retina resolutions:

• Resolution does not display correctly on relaunch.
◦ This has only been observed on the Retina 650m on Mountain Lion in Full Screen. The fix for this is for the user will need to uncheck the "automatic graphics switching" tab on System Profile/Energy Saver.
• The 1920x1200 resolution does not fill the screen on the Retina Display.



•    Crash During Vadar Fight.
    ◦    During the second section of the fight with Vadar on the Death Star (pre-final fight of the game).

•    Crash during the Cargo Bay Fight.
    ◦    At the start of the Death Star. If the user stays in the Cargo Bay and uses force lightning charged objects on the second wave of enemies the game is likely to crash.To prevent this, open the floor and exit the the cargo bay before the second wave of enemies. You can also avoid using force lightning charged objects on enemies.

•    Random Crash to Desktop when CMD+tabbing from a menu (mountain lion only).

•    Crashes on Raxis Prime.
    ◦    On Imperial Raxis Prime (Second to last level of the game).

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