KOTOR: Saves and how to move them around (iPad/iPhone).

How to Pull saves from iPad/iPhone:
1. Connect iPad to PC/Mac with iTunes.

2. Select the iPad/iPhone in iTunes.

3. Go to Apps tab and select KOTOR app in File Sharing.

4. Select the KOTOR folder and select 'Save to...' button.

5. Save to Desktop (or other location).

How to add saves to iPad/iPhone:

1. Connect iPad to PC/Mac with iTunes.

2. Place save folder in a folder with path: KOTOR/saves/

  • (Capitalization matters).

3. Compress the KOTOR folder.

4. In iTunes select the iPad/iPhone.

5. Navigate to Apps tab and select KOTOR in File Sharing.

6. Drag KOTOR.zip to the File Sharing window.

7. Launch KOTOR.

NOTE: If there are a lot of saves, the unzipping will take some time,
sitting on a black screen. DO NOT close the app while it is unzipping

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    Aspyr Lucy


    On transferring saves this way, after you launch the game it will unzip to put your saves there, but it will also unzip them every time you launch. So after you've launched once, go back to iTunes and delete the zip file from your iPad, otherwise it will overwrite those saves every time with the state they were in when zipped. Not a problem if you are creating brand new saves every time, but if you are overwriting the same saves (and Auto/Quick saves always overwrite the same file), deleting the zip will avoid a lot of headaches.

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