Knights of the Old Republic (iOS) iCloud Functionality

1. Make sure you are logged in to iCloud on your device (Settings > iCloud).

2. In-game, go to the Load Game or Save Game menu.
3. Select a saved game, and the iCloud button will appear on the screenshot.
4. Press the iCloud button to store that save.

The iCloud save will now appear automatically on any device that is logged in to your iCloud account.

- If you are regularly playing KOTOR on multiple devices, remember to save your game and push that save to iCloud to keep your current progress; your progress will not be updated automatically.
- Due to the size of save games, only one save can be stored at a time. If you already have a save in iCloud, it will be replaced when pushing a new one (a warning will appear asking you to confirm this).
- If you are on a Data Plan with limited bandwidth, be aware that KOTOR saves can reach up to 20MB in size, so be judicious about how often you are pushing and pulling saves.

If you're running into problems after following the posted instructions, please manually move saves instead while we work on a fix. around-iPad-iPhone


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