Problems Updating/Downloading from the AppStore.

Problems Updating/Downloading from the AppStore.


From time to time we see an increase in the number of issues people are encountering when updating/purchasing on the AppStore. Please keep in mind that some of these issues are traffic related and simply require a little patience. If patience does nothing, we generally recommend:

-signing out of your AppStore account.

-Restart your computer.

-Once your computer restarts, log back into your account.

Under the Store menu, you can select “Check Unfinished Downloads” to see all products still downloading or queueing for download.

(Times required for downloading differ depending on your internet connection)

 Here is a brief video highlighting the steps above:

AppStore Download issues

Here is a link to Apple Support with some steps to resolve common AppStore issues:


Please let us know if you need further assistance:

Thank you for your patience.


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