Borderlands 2 Mac App, Game Center, Friends AND you!


Upgrading to OSX 10.12 removes Game Center completely.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INVITE FRIENDS.

Head over to the BL2 App Store FB page to stock up on friends before updating!



Aspyr has integrated Apple’s Game Center into Borderlands 2 for some co-op excitement for our Mac App users!

This article explains the Game Center features we have built into the game.

Its all about Game Center Friends!



Borderlands 2 now has Friend invites for Co-Op multiplayer in Game Center. When launching the game you will prompted to log into Game Center. Enter your Login.

At the Main Menu


Once you log into Game Center, you will be taken into the game. At the main menu, you will see your game and all your Game Center Friends that are also currently playing the game. To invite your Game Center friend to your game, you can select Invite Friend from the game list OR by clicking a friend’s name on the side of the screen.

Select the friends you want to invite.


At this point, select your Game Center Friends you would like to invite by checking the box next to their name and press invite.
Note: there is a link at the bottom of the Invite screen that links to this page.

Send a personal message.


After selecting your friends to invite, you can create a personalized message to send. Once done, select invite.

The friends you invited will see a Game Center Notification .


The friends you invited will see a Game Center Notification window that alerts you of the invite. Simply select the invite notification to join the game. If the popup is missed, the Notification Center can be used to find the invite.

Finding Friends and Achievements


Borderlands 2 Game Center has 59 achievements in the game that you can get. These achievements are integrated into the Game Center Application. To get to Game Center, simply Alt+Tab the game or exit and launch the Game Center application.



We also incorporated Leader Boards into the game to help the community find new Game Center friends to play with. We have 2 Leaderboards available.

Badass Rank - Users that have the most Badass Ranks in the game.

Maximum Level Reached Current Max level of users in Game Center.

Within the Leaderboards you canselect any user and send a Friend Request.


Selecting “Send Friend Request” takes you to the next screen where you can place a personalized message. Press Send when done.

Connect with others on Facebook.


We also have created a Facebook page to help Mac App users connect with Game Center friends for multiplayer. Please visit the following link and get connected!

We are here to help! If there are any questions about our Borderlands 2 Game Center integration please contact our wonderful Support Folks and log a ticket!

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