Civilization V Linux is not launching/ displaying graphic corruption

Please check that your video card is running OpenGL version 3.3 with at least 512MB of Vram.  The Linux version requires this as a minimum hardware configuration.

To check your hardware, select Help from the Steam menu, then System Information.

If you are still running into problems, please open a ticket with us

Include a copy/paste of the Steam system information screen.

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    Denis Havlik

    I had the "can't start the civilization v" problem on a PC running ubuntu 14.04 recently and managed to resolve it. The problem manifested in the following way:

    1 ) intro movie plays OK
    2) "loading" screen replaces intro movie
    3) copyright notice replaces loading screen

    At this place, I am supposed to "Click to continue", but there is no way to click on the button.

    The system uses the AMD A10-7800 APU and has no discrete GPU. The same issue might thus appear on other oland-based AMD video cards and APUs. Other 3D games (e.g. dota) worked OK.

    I managed to get civilization v working in the following way:

    1) re-installed the ubuntu
    2) installed steam version offered by ubuntu before changing anything else on the system
    3) installed & started civ v

    Later on I installed the ubuntu updates. This resulted in various graphical glitches in civ v, like mumbled text and so.

    Next was the binary AMD radeon driver (catalyst driver from ubuntu updates). Looks better now, but but civ v is instable - it freezes or crashes from time to time.

    I'll try to check the latest driver from AMD site, maybe they'll work better. However, I had similar issues under windows on a laptop with Intel integrated graphics (i7 mobile CPU), and I have no issues with other games. I guess the civilization v is inherently unstable piece of software. :-(

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