Keyboard inputs are not registering within the Sims 2: Super Collection.

We're seeing this issue with keyboard inputs set to languages other than the listed supported languages. 

The supported Keyboards are:
English - U.S.
French - French
German - German
Italian - Italian
Japanese (Romaji, Hiragana and Katakana)
Spanish - Spanish

Please use the workaround below:

Launch System Preferences.
Select Keyboard.
Select Input Sources.
Select Show Input menu in menu bar.
Using the + to add a supported language keyboard.
Close System Preferences.
If text does not appear while in game, select the Input Menu from the right side of the Apple Menu Bar (typically appears as flag) and select a supported keyboard.

If the problem continues after using the workaround, please open a ticket with us at

We appreciate your patience while we investigate this problem further.

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