How do I change the game language? (App Store only)

Most of our App Store games are available in multiple languages.  They can be viewed on the left side of the App Store product page.

To change the game language, you'll need to change your operating system primary language:

  1. Open your System Preferences/Languages & Regions menu.
  2. Set your primary operating system language to one of the supported languages listed in the product page.
  3. Relaunch the game.

Please keep in mind that the language MUST be listed as supported on the game's product page.  The game will not change to a language that is not available. 

If you run into any other problems, please open a support ticket with us.

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    I've just bought borderlands 2 from the App Store, where it says multiple languages are available now (such as German, the language I'd prefer).
    My operating system language already is German. But the game language won't change. Is there another way to change it?

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    It's doesn't work, I've just one language who is french, but the game is in english... An update is coming ?

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    sigo con problemas con el cambio de idioma, no lo puedo configurar en español

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    'just bought Borderlands 2 from the apple store and i’ve got a problem. It says multiple languages are available now (I’m french and i want to play the game in FRENCH).
    I have just read the Aspyr Support page that explain how change the game language
    BUT My operating system language already is FRENCH. so the game language won’t change.
    So please help me, i(ve paid the game, and it’s clearly said on the apple store that the game is in french