HW HD crashes with maximum Video options on ATI 5K machines.

    1. Launch Homeworld 1 HD on a 5K system.
    2. From the Main Menu, select Options.
    3. Select the Video tab.
    4. Change the settings options to maximum.
    5. Select Apply > Yes.
    6. Return to the Main Menu.
    7. Select Single Player Campaign.
    8. Start a new campaign.
    9. Notice the game crashes.
  • This issue occurs on Player vs CPU and the HWHD 1 & 2 campaigns.

    This issue occurs more often on certain missions and skirmish settings:

    • HW1HD | Mission 13 - The Karos Graveyard
    • HW(1/2)HD | Player vs. CPU - 8-player Game
      Depending on settings, it is possible to run Mission 13 successfully and crash in an 8-player Player vs. CPU game, and vice-versa.


    WE are looking into this for a possible fix in the next patch if possible. 

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