Civilization: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide Known Issues

The following issues affect the Mac App and Mac Steam version of Rising Tide:

Issue: Game window snaps back to primary monitor after being dragged to secondary monitor on MAS and Mac Steam.

Workaround: The only way to resolve this issue is to change which monitor is the primary monitor in the OS.

Issue: Mountains/terrain display stretched on Intel HD 6000 equipped Macs.

Workaround: UPDATE 1/14: The patch has been released for the MAS version to resolve this.  The patch to resolve this issue has been set live on Steam on 11/12.  We are working to release a bulk update for the MAS version.  Subscribe to this post to be notified when it goes live.

The following issues affect the Mac App version of Rising Tide:

Issue: When choosing a planet via Custom World, the selected planet is not actually chosen.

Workaround:  On the choose planet screen, select the Advance Setup button in the top right corner. Planets can be set from this screen without issue.

Issue: No map terrain is present when loading into the Skirmish map type. 

Workaround: Do not play on this map.

Notes: This issue is resolved in an upcoming patch with the removal of the skirmish map in Rising Tide.

 Issue: The Multiplayer Quick Combat/Movement options do not function when enabled from the Multiplayer Setup Menu. 

Workaround: These options should be enabled from the Main Menu > Options > Game Options menu instead of from the game lobby screen.


The following issues affect the Linux version of Rising Tide:

Issue: The top-right corner of the screen is unresponsive in windowed mode in Ubuntu.

Workaround: This issue is resolved by either moving the game window away from the top right most corner or using a resolution that is smaller than the max resolution.

We are working now to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience.


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