Cant find saved games on Mac Version From GOG.

With the release of the update to Good Old Games Mac today, the new Good Old Games build moves the user’s save folder. This means that when the user launches they will not see their existing save games on Mac. There is an easy fix for this though!

1. In Finder, select Go from the Menu bar.

2. Select Go to Folder.

3. Paste this path in the entry field: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Bloober Team.Layers of Fear/0

4. Select Go.

5. In this folder there will be up to 3 save.dat files (save0.dat, save1.dat, save2.dat) files. These are the save games. Copy these save.dat files.

6. Paste these save.dat files to the desktop.

7. In Finder, select Go from the Menu Bar.

8. Select Go to Folder.

9. Paste this path in the entry field: ~/Library/Containers/unity.Bloober-Team.Layers-of-Fear/Data/Library/Application Support/unity.Bloober Team.Layers of Fear/0

10. Select Go.

11. This is the new save location for Layers of Fear.

12. Copy and paste the save.dat files from the desktop into this folder.


Please note: Replacing a new save0.dat file with a previous save0.dat file will overwrite this file. So if a new planthrough was already started, that progress will be lost.

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