Jade Empire: Special Edition FAQ


Aspyr Media announced today that fan-favorite martial arts RPG Jade Empire™: Special Edition is now live on Google Play, iTunes and Apple’s Mac App Store.

Q: What’s the cost of the game?

A: You can pick it up from Amazon AppStore, Google Play, the iTunes or the Mac App Store for $9.99/€9.99/£9.99.


Q: What OS works for the game? 

A: iOS 9.3.5 & 10.0.2

macOS 10.10.5, 10.11.6, & 10.12

AndroidOS 4.4 (Kitkat), 5.0 (Lollipop), & 6.0 (Marshmallow)


Q: Is there Cloud support for the game? A: Yes, iOS has iCloud Support.

Q: Help! I just upgraded to iOS 10.12 – where can I find my achievements now? A: Aspyr supports 

iOs 9 and iOs 1O, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.10, macOS 10.11, macOS 10.12. 

If you just upgraded to iOS 10.12, you can find your Jade Empire achievements for Mac App in the Game Center button next to “Play” button in Aspyr’s Game Guide.


If you just upgraded to 10.12 on iOS, it’s the same button, but it’s on the Main Menu of the game in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Q: Where can I find a tutorial for the new Expert UI controls? 

A: Check out our Expert Controls video on YouTube HERE!


Q: What iOS devices does Jade Empire work on?

A: iPhone: 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 & 7 Plus iPad Mini: 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation iPad: 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, Air, Air 2, Pro 9.7, Pro 12.9 and also iPod: 6th Generation.

Q: What Android devices and OS does Jade Empire run on?

A:  Google Play: 4.4 (KitKat) and above, Amazon: FireOS 4 and above

  • Samsung:
    • Galaxy S5
    • Galaxy S6
    • Galaxy S6 Edge
    • Galaxy S7
    • Alpha
    • Galaxy Note 3
    • Galaxy Note 4
    • Galaxy Note 5
    • Galaxy Tab S
    • Galaxy Tab Pro
    • Nexus 10
  • HTC:
    • One M8
    • One A9
    • Nexus 9
  • LG:
    • G3
    • G4
    • G5
    • Nexus 4
    • Nexus 5
    • Nexus 5X
    • Optimus
  • Motorola:
    • Moto X
    • Moto X (2nd Gen)
    • Moto X Pure
    • Droid Turbo
    • Droid Turbo 2
    • Nexus 6
  • Sony:
    • Xperia 2
    • Xperia 3
    • Xperia Z5
  • Nvidia
    • Shield Tablet
    • Shield Portable
  • Huawei:
    • Nexus 6P
  • One Plus
    • One
  • Amazon:
    • Fire (5th Gen)
    • Fire HDX 3rd Gen
    • Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen)
    • Fire HD 8
    • Fire HD 10
    • Fire Phone


Q: What are the technical requirements?

A: Your Mac must meet ALL of the minimum system requirements below in order to maximize your Jade Empire experience.


  • Full touch and MFi extended controller support
  • Expert Mode (intuitive, UI-free controls)
  • Achievements
  • AutoRun capabilities
  • Supported Languages — Interface/audio/subtitles available in English. French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Simplified Chinese text localizations and subtitles supported.


  • CPU: 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB free disk space
  • GPU: ATI: Radeon 3870, Nvidia: GeForce 330M, Intel: HD 3000
  • VRAM: 256 MB
  • Retina — 4K and 5K support up to 1920 x 1200
  • Controller support — including PS3/PS4 controller support, wired Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers, and third-party controllers
  • Achievements — Game Center
  • Support for widescreen resolutions — Up to 1920 x 1200 resolutions
  • Supported Languages — Interface/audio/subtitles include English, French, and German. Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Simplified Chinese text localizations and subtitles supported.


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