What Should I Include in My Support Ticket?

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We've got a team of support gurus, QA experts, and devs that want to make the most of your gaming experience.  To do that, we need details.

Mac Specific Issues

  • Your OS version, Processor, RAM, and GPU are VERY IMPORTANT to how the game is going to play on your Mac. 
    • Send over your .spx file with your ticket.

  • If the game is crashing, get that crash log to us in .txt format
    • Once the game quits unexpectedly, select Report/Details. Copy the contents of that crash log and paste it into a TextEdit file.


Windows Specific Issues

  • Similar to Mac, your Windows version, Processor, RAM, and GPU are important to how the game is going to play on your Windows PC. 
    • Send over your DXDIAG file with your ticket.


iOS Specific Issues

  • Let us know on which specific iOS version and device model you're running the game.  You can access that info from your Settings/General menu
iOS_Settings.png.jpeg Highlight-Version.jpg



Android Specific Issues

  • With around 24,000 Android device models available worldwide, our team will need to know your Android OS version, make, and model of your device.
    • Include a screenshot of your 'About this device' screen (displaying your AndroidOS and device id).


Linux Specific Issues

  • Launch Steam and select HELP from the top of the screen. Select System Information and copy that info to your clipboard to send to us at your earliest convenience.


Once you've gathered up the specific file or screenshots, attach it to a support ticket so we can help!

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